ulink26 mockups


Slangify is a nifty feature that allows you to give your messages a fun and casual touch by converting certain words or phrases into their popular slang counterparts. With just a few clicks, you can spice up your conversations and add a touch of informal language effortlessly.

Chat Lock

uLink26 has this advanced chat feature that adds an extra layer of security to your private conversations. With chat lock, you can now lock your chat conversations with a password, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access the conversation.


University exclusive posts is an innovative feature that gives you the power to control the visibility of your posts, limiting them to only students from your own university. With this feature, you can create a more personalized and campus-centric experience, fostering meaningful discussions within your university community.


When creating a post, you have the option to enable the Disable Comments & Likes feature. By selecting this option, comments and likes will be deactivated for that specific post, ensuring that users cannot engage with it in the traditional way. Other users will still be able to view your post, but they won't be able to leave comments or express their liking through likes


Delete by Comment is a handy feature that allows you to delete your own comments quickly and effortlessly. By simply commenting the word "delete" on your own comment, you can instantly remove it from the conversation, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience. Whether you've made a typo, changed your mind, or simply want to retract a statement, this feature allows you to maintain control over your contributions without any hassle.